Celebrate Shark Week at SeaWorld Orlando!

Source: Orlando Sentinel

It’s a lot of people’s favorite time of the year right now…it’s shark week! Many people all over celebrate in different ways, but what better place to celebrate than with the sharks themselves over at SeaWorld Orlando!

SeaWorld’s Shark Week Celebration will run through July 19 and it will give visitors the perfect opportunity to learn more about sharks. Here are the top spots you will want to hit at the Park to get the full “Shark Week” experience:

  • Shark Shallows: Visitors can hear from SeaWorld’s shark experts who will share their knowledge about the different sharks at the park. The aquarist talks will take place at 2:15 p.m. daily.
  • Sharks Up-Close Tour: This exciting tour is available for an additional fee ($20 pp). This is a behind-the-scenes tour where visitors will have a chance to touch a small shark and feed several species of sharks while learning more about their care. How awesome that?!
Source: SeaWorld
  • Shark Encounter: You will want to head to Shark Encounter to learn more about sharks at this recently-upgraded spot that now features new floors, interpretive displays and more!
  • Dine at Sharks Underwater Grill and Bar: This awesome dining spot will have you dining with the sharks! At this restaurant you can enjoy a fascinating view in an upscale, signature full-service restaurant that puts world-class entrees on your plate and a window into the world of sharks before your eyes. Their menu features Lobster Rolls, Tempura Shrimp, Salmon, Bison Burger, Scallops, and more!
Source: SeaWorld

Don’t miss the last few days of celebrating Shark Week over at SeaWorld Orlando!