Check Out The New Alex And Ani Harry Potter Bangle Bracelets!

Source: Alex and Ani

Insiders, have you heard?! Alex and Ani have a new Harry Potter Bangle Bracelet Collection and you’ll want Accio one asap! I absolutely love their bracelets because they have so many different styles and they range from simplistic to ones that are more involved. They have both silver and gold options for those who prefer one or the other and the charms on the bracelets are just to die for! Here’s a closer look at our top favorites:

Harry Potter ‘Always’ Charm Bangle, Set of 5

Harry Potter™ 'Always' Charm Bangle, Set of 5
Source: Alex and Ani
This bracelet is probably my personal favorite out the the whole collection. I absolutely adore the color scheme and it features both the Deathly Hallows and Snape’s Patronus with his famous one word quote, “Always.”

Harry Potter ‘From Pumpkin Juice To Butter Beer’ Charm Bangle

Harry Potter™ 'From Pumpkin Juice To Butter Beer' Charm Bangle
Source: Alex and Ani
Ok so who doesn’t love Pumpkin Juice and Butter Beer when they go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios? These magical drinks have become staple favorites amongst both muggles and wizards alike, so why not celebrate these festive drinks with this adorable gold bangle!

Harry Potter ‘Turn to Page 394’ Inline Charm Bangle

Harry Potter™ 'Turn to Page 394' Inline Charm Bangle
Source: Alex and Ani
Did you ever think that Snape’s famous classroom quote from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban would get put onto a piece of jewelry? It’s pretty epic if you ask me!

Harry Potter Time Turner Spinner Charm Bangle

Rafaelian Silver
Source: Alex and Ani
Another idea from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban-the time turner! Hermoine uses this to go back in time throughout the school year because she had such a heavy workload and of course her being an overachiever she couldn’t miss a single class just because of time! This Alex and Ani time turner bangle will add a timeless look for your travels!

Harry Potter Ron Multi-Charm Bangle

Harry Potter™ Ron Multi-Charm Bangle
Source: Alex and Ani
One of my other favorite bangles is this Ron Weasley-themed one. You have all charms that best represent his character-Scabbers, his Gryffindor house colors, his home-made Christmas sweatshirt from his mom with the letter “R”, and a chess piece since he is a wizard at chess. This is the perfect bracelet for anyone who is team Ron!

There are so many other fun bangle bracelets (and even necklaces) in this collection and would make the perfect gift for any Harry Potter lover! You can shop the full collection here.