REVIEW: A Child’s First Haircut at Harmony Barbershop in Walt Disney World


This past June, on our trip to Walt Disney World, we took our daughter for her first haircut at Harmony Barbershop inside Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Harmony Barbershop

Disney puts it best

Be whisked away to a simpler time at this hidden gem tucked away in Town Square. Just look for the classic striped barber pole on the corner of Main Street, USA.

Step inside Harmony Barber Shop and experience the essence of a bygone era. The shop’s quaint interior creates an illusion of timelessness—as does the pleasant, unhurried banter of your barber.

This is absolutely accurate to a “T”. The barbershop is located in the corner, between the fire station and the Emporium. The quaint barbershop features three barber chairs and when we walked in there was a few people inside waiting for their family members to finish getting their haircut. We had made a reservation a few months in advance, but there were some available later in the day, as we heard a few people come in to check availability for that day.

The Experience at Harmony Barbershop.

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As this was our daughter’s first haircut, we were not sure what to expect or how she would react. Our barber, Cecilia, armed with her lovely personality and Disney Magic, gave our daughter an Elsa spinning toy to keep her entertained as she cut her hair. It was simply magical, our daughter sat there and allowed Cecilia to cut her hair and she engaged in conversation with her.

The Price of a Haircut

When we were researching, we were very surprised to see that the “My First Haircut” package was $25. The package included 1) The Haircut 2) Commemorative Mickey Ears, featuring “1st Haircut” 3) A “My First Haircut” Certificate and 4) A keepsake bag with the first clippings of her hair. Seeing that a price of Mickey Ears with personalization is about $20 and a normal Child’s Haircut (Ages 9 and under) is $18, we thought this was an amazing deal. Once her haircut was finished, Cecilia also sprinkled some “Pixie Dust” into her hair to top off a great experience. Check out this video that I had created documenting our whole experience.


I would absolutely recommend you take your child for their first haircut here. It is a great experience and possibly the best value you will find in the park.

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Have you been to Harmony Barbershop? Did your child(ren)have their first haircuts here? Let us know in the comments below.

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As a kid, I had visited Disney multiple times and it sparked a passion for all things Disney. In 2010, I proposed to my wife in front of Cinderella's Castle an since then it has been a large part of our life. Now as a father and experiencing Disney with my wife through our daughters eyes, our love for Disney has grown tenfold and I can't wait to share my passion and experiences with you.


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