Crowd Levels Very High At Universal’s Island Of Adventures Yesterday

Spring Break is here, and the crowds along with it.

Universal Studios and Islands Of Adventure Reached Capacity by 11am

While the amount of people in the parks right now is nowhere near the normal amount we see during this time each year, the guest count is much higher this week. I stopped by Islands of Adventure yesterday and here’s what I experienced!

Universal studios Orlando parking -Katie wallace-TKI Media
Universal Studios Parking Lines Were Busy March 16th, 2021

I purposely arrived around 1 hour to park open to get a good idea of just how many guests would be entering around that time. The car line and parking itself took about 30 minutes.

They had a number of Team Members at the temperature zones and security area, especially toward the area where parking garages merged…BUT…there were a number of guests ignoring the marks on the ground making it hard for Team Members to enforce those standing on the moving platforms (though stationary in the morning). The announcements for physical distancing, wearing your face covering as well as advising guest to remain 6 ft apart were constantly running. For some, it was a losing battle, luckily for me, most everyone was aware of their surroundings in my area. I was impressed by the method in which they utilized the walkways to weave guests far enough apart and still keep an organized diagram of what side comes in first – and how they navigated switching sides. While there were some that weren’t thrilled at waiting around, overall this was the best way to manage the influx of guests arriving at the same time.

Universal Orlando Spring Break 2021
Guests waiting to enter security at Universal Orlando March 16th, 2021
Universal Orlando Spring Break 2021
Guests waiting to enter security at Universal Orlando March 16th, 2021

Once crossing through security, and actually the security gates themselves, were easy to travel through, for the most part people kept their distance and the park vibe itself was energetic and positive. Though the crowds were definitely there, just walking around it was not noticeable or bothersome. Knowing that around 11am, both parks had reached their capacity, this surprised me.

Universal Orlando Spring Break
Guests wait to enter a dining location in Hogsmeade

The places you would see the most guest traffic were of course the dining locations and indicated by wait times. Mostly the wait times for attractions was anywhere from 45-60 minutes to 115-120 minutes.

Universal Orlando Spring Break
Wait times for Forbidden Journey

Some wait times stayed pretty consistent like Forbidden Journey at 75 minutes for a majority of the day. other attractions saw some changes periodically, like Skull Island: Reign of Kong ranging anywhere from 75 minutes to 120 minutes all day.

Universal Orlando Spring Break 2021
Kong Wait Times -Universal Orlando

Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure had a virtual que that filled almost instantly and for the time I was there (Until at least 2:30pm) was full.

I then ventured to where the new bridge resides for connections between Lost Continent and Jurassic Park. During the morning it was closed, but about an hour later I checked and the bridge had been opened!

Volocicoaster Universal Orlando Spring Break 2021
velocicoaster construction
velocicoaster Universal Orlando Spring Break
velocicoaster construction

Here’s one area of the bridge! Pretty empty, considering the rest of the park!

VelociCoaster Ride Testing 3/16/21


Velocicoaster ride testing 3/16/21

They were testing the ride mostly in the morning. Also Velocicoaster merchandise is now available throughout Islands of Adventure and the current Universal Store!

I noticed a slew of character interactions throughout the park, delighting passersbys, including: Things 1 & 2, Betty Boop and several superheroes, to name a few!

Thing 1 & Thing 2 Universal Orlando Spring Break 2021
Things 1 & 2 greeting guests in Seuss Landing
Madagascar Characters Universal Orlando Spring Break 2021
Madagascar Characters interacting with guests in Lost Continent!
betty boop Universal Orlando Spring break 2021
Betty Boop Meeting her fans in Toon Lagoon!

Overall, yes the park was very busy. However, if you are coming for the first time, you will still get a day of adventure, just be sure to plan ahead for longer than normal wait times and maybe purchase an express pass for what you can! Also, arrive as early as possible, this means using your early entry when you have it and planning ahead to be parked and ready to head in an hour before park open. If you are a passholder set on visiting during Spring Break, again be sure to plan ahead…capacity is bound to be reached again this week!

Universal Orlando Spring Break Landscape 2021
A Beautiful afternoon at Islands Of Adventure

Till next time, Insiders!