Disney on a Budget: 7 Ways Your Kids Can Earn Disney Vacation Spending Money

7 Ways Your Kids Can Earn disney Vacation Spending Money | Walt Disney World, Disneyland Money-Saving Tips.

Traveling to Disney resorts can be incredibly fun, but it can also be very costly.

When we go we give our kids a bit of spending money but if they want more they must earn their own money. This teaches them responsibility and budgeting. We have also noticed they appreciate what they buy more and take better care of their purchases.

So, what are some easy ways your children can earn their own money for their trip?  This article lists 7 ideas that we have successfully used for our kids to earn extra cash for Disney!

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Being Paid for Chores or Getting an Allowance

This is an easy one that most people probably do already. You do chores and you can earn cash. One great idea I saw a family member use was a “chore chart.” Chores were listed with the frequency and value.  They attached bagged change and bills with magnets.  When the chore was completed and verified that money could be claimed.  (Thanks to Bobbie for the great idea!)


Yard Sales, eBay, or local “for sale” boards

Another great way for your kids to earn extra spending money (you can use this too) is by finding items they no longer use or want and selling them. You can have a yard sale, list items of value on eBay,  or even list them on local “for sale” boards around your area. We’ve had great luck with local Facebook groups.

PROTIP – Make sure they only sell their own items.  You don’t want little Billy selling his sister’s favorite doll or your great-grandmother’s necklace!


Bake Sales or Lemonade Stands

This one you can use in conjunction with a yard sale.  Our kids do it every year and they make a lot of money. We sell mostly pre-packaged items and cans of soda, but we have seen some kids sell homemade items. I will caution you to double check the rules and regulations for where you live. Some places require special licenses or permits. Homemade items could make someone ill. This is why we use pre-packaged products.


Saving Money From Events

It seems like our kids get a bunch of money every year for various events–birthdays, holidays, or special events. This is a great opportunity to put some cash back for an upcoming trip.



Are your kids good at arts and crafts?  They can turn that hobby into extra money. Perler bead art, sewing, jewelry craft, and knotted bracelets are a few ideas.  Your area probably has local craft shows and if you don’t mind spending a bit of money for a table you can take your wares and see what you can make. Make sure that you meet requirements for selling in your state.


Changing it up

Kids are great at finding every bit of spare change around your house (yet they can’t seem to clean up their rooms.) We have a “Disney jar” that we put all our change into, but if the kids find change lying around they put it in the jar for extra spending money.


Seasonal Help

Depending on where you live, there are lots of chores that friends and neighbor could use help with. Shoveling snow, raking leaves, washing cars or even mowing grass. This  money can add up quickly. Again, check the requirements for your area and also make sure your children are doing jobs that are age appropriate and safe. When our kids participate in these jobs, we are usually helping or are close by monitoring.

Those are a few ways our kids earn extra spending money for trips to Disney, or for other items they may want to buy.  Of course, your results will vary on each of these.  As I mentioned with a few of these, check with your local laws and guidelines to make sure you aren’t doing anything that will get you or your kiddos into trouble.  Also monitor and make sure your kids are safe and have fun!

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What are some of the ways your kids earn extra money? Comment below, we’d love to hear them, or join our forums and Disney money-saving Disney tips with other Disney fans!

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