Disney Goes After Etsy Small Shops

The top items on my kids’ Christmas lists were something even Santa couldn’t make in his workshop, Baby Yoda toys. Due to wanting to keep this beloved character a secret, until his show debut, there was zero Baby Yoda merchandise produced for the holidays. In fact, you’re allowed to pre-order items, but some aren’t expected to ship until May.

Photo: Crafty Is Cool, Esty Shop

Etsy, a popular online shop where people can sell their handmade items, is now the target of Disney. In an effort to garner some business for their small shop, Etsy sellers have made their own homemade Baby Yoda plushies and toys- but Disney quickly caught on. They started issuing takedown notices, requiring that Etsy remove listings for the homemade merchandise.

Anyone who has ordered from a shop, will have their order delayed or cancelled. Small shop owners are upset, and rightfully so. To be fair, they’re claiming they have nothing to do with Disney and they aren’t advertising their products as authentic merchandise.

The takedown warnings and notices started popping up in recent weeks, as Disney has finally begun selling its own Baby Yoda toys and plushies, including dolls that are available to preorder and a planned Build-A-Bear partnership for later this year. Again, these plushies and toys won’t be available until May (at the earliest) and into next year.