Celebrating Disney On Ice’s 40th Anniversary!

We recently had the opportunity to learn about the history of Disney on Ice. It has been 40 magical years of bringing Disney magic to the ice and we got to hear all about it from Kenneth Feld.


Feld Entertainment is a worldwide leader in touring entertainment that is curated for families. They have been the leaders in producing and presenting live experiences that create lasting memories for a lifetime. With over 30 million people who attend shows each year Feld Entertainment knows production like no other.

Feld Entertainment Company History
Feld Entertainment Company History

From the very beginning of Feld Entertainment in 1938 Irvin Feld had a big dream and that was creating memories for audiences around the world, Irvin’s big break was when he held live concerts featuring guest like Frank Sinatra and the Beatles and in 1956 he decided to join the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® circus as the manager and booking agent when the circus started struggling he decided to purchase it and create a new event that was more comfortable for audiences, thus creating a profitable enterprise that lead to the future of Feld Entertainment!     

Feld Entertainment Company History

In 1970 Irvin’s son Kenneth joined The Greatest Show on Earth and became the first father-son production team leading to 1981 when Kenneth Feld created Walt Disney’s World on Ice. Feld Entertainment later on acquired the license to produce and present Disney theme ice shows later leading to the name change in 1998 to Disney On Ice the name we recognize and love today!

Shortly after the success of Disney On Ice, in 1995 Feld Entertainment ventured into other avenues by creating Grease On Ice and Anastasia On Ice. These successes lead them to further their success in the industry and truly become the worldwide leader they are. Nicole Feld joined the company in 2001 now bringing the third generation into the Feld business. Nicole truly embodied the business and grew the company by bringing extraordinary creative, marketing and talent scouting skills to the company.

Feld Entertainment Company History

Over the years the company grew and obtained even more Live! Entertainment collaborations, which has brought beloved characters and family favorites to the stage, more generations of Feld’s joined the company and the name is living which has now led to the celebration of 40 Years of Disney On Ice!

Disney On Ice Frozen: Feld Entertainment


“We create memories and moments that light up arenas, stadiums, stages, homes and hearts around the world.”

Sourced: Feld Entertainment 


40 Magical Years of Disney On Ice, the inspiration that was to bring families together to enjoy and have the opportunity to see as many Disney characters as they could in one show while also bringing entertainment to adults by having world class skating that brought the magic to life. Bringing the Disney quality to every show and providing the Feld vision of bringing joy to more people in more places around the world, the mission of creating memorable experiences that bring people together and the values of quality, integrity, passion and teamwork is what has created this lasting success for Disney On Ice the past 40 years.


From The Kingdom Insider Family to the Feld Entertainment Family we congratulate you on 40 very successful years of Disney On Ice and we cannot wait to see the magic that will continue to grow and change over the many more successful years. We wish you all the best! 



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