Disney World Parks “Completely Booked” For Rest Of May!

image: Disney

Planning to hit up Disney World in May? Haven’t booked your passes yet? Well…you MAY have some trouble.

Theme Park Passes are completely booked, as you can see from the images below from Disney’s Park Ticket Reservation System!

For Resort Guests:


Image: My Disney Experience

For Annual Pass Holders:

Image: My Disney Experience

And Day Passes:

Image: My Disney Experience

Though the website has all grey showing on these calendars, we may see some hope just yet. If you recall in a recent webcast, Bob Chapeck, Disney’s CEO, mentioned they have been and will continue to raise capacity levels. Knowing this, we may not be told outright when the numbers begin to change.

I will also remind you that the availability, though not too often, will fluctuate sometimes morning of or night before. It is always worth checking back on the site every once and awhile if you can. Just last night I was able to book for Tuesday even though the reservation system said they were in the grey…so there is a glimmer of hope for you!

But officially, those dates in May are fully booked and you will do better looking at June for your next park day!

Till next time, Insiders!

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