Disneyland Guests Face Long Mobile Order Wait Times!

Source: Disney

I recently went to Disneyland a few weeks back a few days after the capacity was extended to 35%. I was expecting there to be many changes throughout the park as a result of the pandemic. One major change is that every single quick-service restaurant requires you to mobile order. While that may be a big change for most Guests, it’s a change to be expected in this new day and age with mobile ordering food.

Mobile ordering is fairly easy after you do it for the first time. You open the Disneyland app, search for the location you’d like to mobile order from, add items to you cart, then when you check out you pick a pick-up window time. Your card for payment should already be attached to your profile in the app, so you just click submit and you’re done! You don’t even get charged until after your food is ready for pick-up, so you are even able to cancel your order if you needed to. However, the problem is that Guests are facing huge wait times when they go to order food! Plus, when you arrive at the window and notify them from your app that you have arrived, there is another long wait while they prepare your food!

Source: Disneyland

It was around 11:00am when I went to order lunch and to my great surprise the location I wanted to order from wasn’t until way later in the afternoon at 2:00pm. I had a boarding pass for Rise of the Resistance in Galaxy’s Edge and was pretty sure my boarding group was going to be called anytime from 1:00pm to 2:00pm, so that window for pick-up wasn’t very convenient. I then kept scrolling to see where else I could order from, and to my dismay everything else had the same 2:00pm window or later! Heck, even to get a Dole Whip over at Tropical Hideaway in Adventureland was a long wait! The app said the next available time for pick-up was already at 6:00pm! It also wasn’t very helpful that quite a few dining locations at Disneyland are still closed (such as Hungry Bear and Pizza Port), so options are still pretty limited.

Thankfully I had reservations for an early dinner at 4:50pm at Cafe Orleans, but that was still a long time to go without eating a meal. I ended up nabbing a window over at Galactic Grill over in Tomorrowland, and had to book it over there after I was done at Rise of the Resistance. It made things very hectic!

After going a year without Disneyland’s famous beignets, I was set on finally getting those for dessert so I was able to snag a 6:00pm mobile order pick-up. I snagged it at lunch time when I saw how long the wait times were already! As I was walking around the park and saw that every place (aside from snack stands) was making you mobile order it made me realize that Guests now really have to plan out their meals for the day very early on if they do not want to go hungry.

As magical as my first day back at Disneyland was, I did go home wondering if anyone else had had the same experience as I did. Sure enough, I’ve been hearing grumblings about this process all over social media! Disney fan Fresh Baked shared that once you order on the mobile app, it will most likely be a 2-hour wait until your order is ready!

My tip to you Insiders-next time you plan a trip to Disneyland you will want to mobile ahead earlier in the day if you do not have sit down reservation somewhere! It is best to look at what is open and available ahead of time, then in the morning go ahead and mobile order what you would like. If you don’t end up wanting one of your orders, just go ahead and cancel it!

We have to keep in mind that Disneyland only just recently reopened and they are working on hiring more Cast Members. I’m sure as new hires come in the process will eventually get quicker and Disney will somehow figure out how to make the process more efficient!

Have you personally experienced a long mobile order wait time?