Walt Disney Imagineer Kim Irvine has stated:

“When we started our Magic Key program, the park decided that it would be a really great thing to have a location for them that they could call their own, kind of like Club 33 has their own location. Now the Magic Key members have the same thing which is really wonderful…the upstairs was never really finished to a point where it had a good story with a compelling look to it. So, with a lot of research, we came up with the story of an old California hacienda that had all the beauty of heavy wooden beams, colorful Spanish tile, and terracotta floors and built on that. It’s very much meant for sitting and chatting about your day, sharing photos, and really enjoying the space and not feeling rushed.”

Imagineering has created a cute little backstory for the Magic Key Terrace: The terrace is a beautiful hacienda recently purchased by a young couple that wants to keep the charm of the old place while adding some comfortable contemporary touches.

Disney is adding to the terrace’s ambiance with climbing vines, banana trees, a gurgling wall fountain, floor-to-ceiling drapes that will help soften the sound in the covered part of the lounge area, wrought iron lighting fixtures, and palm trees in tall vases. Dark brown shutters will also be replaced with stained-glass windows featuring peacocks.

The uncovered part of the terrace will have lower lounge chairs and coffee tables made of teak wood with furniture pads in the splashes of blue, turquoise, and green color palette. The space is being designed as a relaxing spot for Key holders where they don’t have to rush and can enjoy the comfort of their own exclusive area. It almost sounds better than Club 33 to me!

This is extremely exciting for Magic Key holders, and it’s another perk of being a passholder. There’s no news on if there will be a new and updated menu or if it will stay the same as before. Stay tuned for more updates!