Disneyland Passholders Petition for an Annual Pass Extension Alternative!

Image Source: Disney

Over here in California, we are all still waiting for Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure to open back up. So far only Downtown Disney has started its phased reopening but there is still no word about the parks. Annual Passholders are already very worried about what the park going is going to look like for them when the Anaheim theme parks do reopen.

With there only being two theme parks here in Anaheim, and way more Annual Passholders, many believe that the Disney Park Pass Reservation System implemented at Disney World in Florida may be a flawed system for Disneyland.

Over the past few months, Annual Passholders have been coming up with different ideas on how Disneyland could accommodate them. Some would like partial refunds like Walt Disney World has given if an Annual Passholder requested it. Others have requested more incentives like the AP Magic Perks for Annual Passholders in order to get their money’s worth out of what they paid for in the Annual Pass.

One Annual Passholder has come up with an alternative option to all of this. They propose that the Annual Pass Extension does not start until the Annual Passholder’s first visit back to the parks. For the petition, they are looking for 2,500 signatures on Change.org. Many Annual Passholders are getting behind it with already received over 2,000 signatures.

Here is the description of the petition on the change.org website:

Disneyland should not count the extension for Annual Passes the first day the park re-opens. We propose that Disneyland should start the extension on the first day that a passholder enters the park, once it reopens, rather than beginning the extension on the same day for everyone. 

We would continue to pay for our passes (those of us who make monthly payments) once the park opens, however, the idea is that the extension would begin once someone enters the park for the first time once it reopens. This way, if there is limited capacity, those who have paid in full or even have top tier passes do not miss out on what they paid for (ex: no blockout dates, no reservations, full access for the entirety of the 12-month pass period, etc.) 

This is considering that the parks may open too soon for comfort for some of us, amidst this global pandemic. Therefore, we as consumers are not spending money on a pass when we may not feel comfortable returning to Disneyland parks yet. Or, those who do wish to visit the park once it re-opens won’t have the reservation-period counted against them on their pass if they are unable to make one due to limited capacity and the new reservation-based system. This will also avoid many of us losing the down payment that we’ve already made for the passes we currently hold, rather than cancelling now and renewing again at a later time.  

What are your thoughts on this petition?

For more information on how Disneyland is currently handling Annual Pass extensions click here.

                   Image Source: Inside the Magic