Disneyland’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Closes April 23 to Remove Wench Auction

Following Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World, it’s been announced that Disneyland will take Pirates of the Caribbean offline for a few months to remove the infamous “Wench Auction” scene.

The change will take place during a schedule refurbishment beginning on April 23 and the attraction is expected to re-open on June 7.

While some have applauded Disney’s efforts to bring the Pirates attraction into the 21st century, many longtime Disney fans still wants the original redhead.

Not everyone agrees with the change, though, including unofficial Disneyland historian and author David Koenig, who said “this one really irks me — but does not surprise me.”

Koenig said when the topic came up last year at a Disney convention called D23, “Disney fans started booing.”

“The bride auction is being removed because Disney is lily-livered,” Koenig said. “No one is really offended by animatronic pirates acting lusty. It’s in-character silliness. I don’t advocate gunplay, thievery, alcoholism or sexism, but I’m still able to enjoy a show in which pirates behave like pirates.”

Currently, an online petition asking Disney to stop the changes has reached nearly 40,000 signatures.

The revamped version of the Bride Auction scene will still retain the Redhead, but she will now be a pirate herself instead of being auctioned off. Disneyland Paris was the first park to receive the new scene, and you can see it for yourself in the video below.

[Source: OC Register]