The Lines for Walt Disney World’s Transportation Far Exceeds Their Attractions- Guests Must Plan Ahead

Twitter: @EdgeonTravel1

I was just in Walt Disney World with my family last week, and the one thing I kept saying over and over was to “plan ahead,” when it came to getting to and from the parks. I showed a video and photos of the line for the monorail at my resort, the Grand Floridian, as well as other lines for attractions and transportation.

Twitter: @EdgeonTravel1
Twitter: @EdgeonTravel1

Today was no different than last week. Twitter user, @EdgeonTravel1, shared the above images on their Twitter account.

Lines to leave the Magic Kingdom this evening were extremely long. The monorail and ferry, both going to Disney’s Ticket and Transportation Center, had lines that were easily 40+ minutes or more to wait.

Before the COVID-19 shutdown, I remember my family always left the park 30-45 minutes before it actually closed, just to beat the rush of people leaving. We learned the hard way 4 years ago when one Summer night we left the Magic Kingdom when everyone else did (right after the fireworks), and waited 90 minutes for our resort bus.

On October 8, @Kingunbneo, shared the above video on his Twitter. This is the line for the Skyliner at Pop Century Resort.

My advice to anyone in the parks during this time, plan to leave a little earlier and before the park actually closes. Remember, all transportation at Disney is following social distancing guidelines. They aren’t packing the Monorails, buses, and boats like they used to. As long as you plan accordingly, you shouldn’t have issues with transportation.

On a side note, please do not judge whether or not people were social distancing by these photos. More often than not, the angle of the camera will make it seem like no one is following the guidelines.