Disney’s New Uber-like Service to Bring Driverless Cars to Walt Disney World?

When Disney finally launches its long-rumored Uber-like service, you may not have to worry about tipping your driver.

That’s because your car might not even have a driver.

According to the LA Times, Disney is in negotiations to bring “driverless shuttles” to Walt Disney World in the near future. The plan would be part of their massive overhaul of resort transportation, which includes a shuttle service and a new aerial gondola system.

From the Times

The sources, who asked not be identified to avoid offending Disney, said the company plans a pilot program later this year to transport employees in the electric-drive robot vehicles. If that goes well, they said, the shuttles would begin transporting park visitors sometime next year.

According to the article, two manufacturers are being tapped for proposals — Local Motors and Navya.

Below is a video of talk show host James Corden hitching a ride on Local Motors’ Olli Shuttle.

It’s possible that the driverless shuttles are not tied to the Disney “Uber” service, but rather another transportation option that will be available to park guests. Disney declined to comment on the situation, but there will probably be a huge announcement of upgrades to resort transportation in the very near future as these “secret projects” are some of the worst kept secrets in the park’s history.

The Times’ sources said there are no plans for a Disneyland version at this time.

If the gondola is poised to be the Skyway 2.0, then these driverless shuttles could be considered an upgrade of the Peoplemover.

It’s a very forward-thinking concept, and should Disney be able to pull this off, I think Walt would be proud.

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[Photo: Navya]