‘Fantasmic’, ‘World of Color’ and ‘Electrical Parade’ Returning in 2022!

Source: LA Times

Hold the phone, hold the phone Insiders! I’m shaking in excitement I can hardly believe the news! Fans have been waiting for what feels like an extremely long time and I can’t believe the news has finally been announced! I’m pleased to report that “World of Color”, “Fantasmic” (returning to Walt Disney World as well!), the “Electrical Parade” are ALL returning to Disneyland Resort in 2022! Every single one of these shows has been sorely missed by fans, and most have even been upset in the rise of ticket prices with these significant shows missing. Now, we have so much to look forward to at the Anaheim theme parks next year!

Disney Parks sent fans into an absolute frenzy at the end of October when they released a TikTok video of an Electrical Parade Float zooming around in a storage warehouse with the soundtrack to the parade in the background. We’ve been waiting so long for the return of these special shows, so the teaser video left fans with wanting more answers.

Although we don’t have exact dates yet on when these beloved shows are returning we do know they will be returning next year, hopefully before summer! It was announced though, that the Electrical Parade will be making its return to Disneyland in time to celebrate its 50th anniversary which is in the summertime. Fingers crossed with all our might that all these shows return at the same time and that we get some hard dates here soon!

If you haven’t yet had the chance to see any one of these shows yet you are in for an absolute magical treat! Here’s the description of each show per the Disneyland website:

Fantasmic (returning to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World)

As darkness falls, dazzling special effects transform the Rivers of America into an epic canvas for this extravagant live show. 

Fast asleep, Mickey dreams he is the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. With a wave of his hands, he conducts scenes from Fantasia across enormous screens of water while brilliant sparks burst overhead. Pink elephants, swashbuckling pirates, princesses and more appear on and around the Rivers of America.

When Mickey is suddenly pulled into the Magic Mirror, his dream takes a dark turn. The Evil Queen from Snow White conjures up some of Disney’s most dastardly villains—including Maleficent as a 45-foot, fire-breathing dragon! Mickey must use the power of his imagination to vanquish his foes—and save the day.

Featuring a fantastical array of live performers, beloved Disney characters, enhanced special effects and spectacular pyrotechnics, this show will wow the entire family.

 Lights project from Mickey’s fingertips as he performs onstage during the Fantasmic! nighttime spectacular
Source: Disney

World of Color (returning to Disney’s California Adventure)

Mist streams, exploding fountains and dancing lights during World of Color
Source: Disney

Thrill as graceful jets of water shoot into the air, lasers electrify the night and perfectly timed pyrotechnics explode in a blaze of brilliant color. Watch in wonder as water, fire, light and music weave together to celebrate the magic of Disney storytelling. 

The astounding spectacle sweeps across the water, lighting up Paradise Gardens Park and dazzling your senses. 

Relive the memories as scenes and music from beloved Disney and Pixar films―classics and new releases—are projected onto a grand fountain spraying 19,000-square-feet of water.

Don’t miss this unforgettable kaleidoscope of color and emotion. It’s the most impressive and fanciful nighttime spectacular Disney has ever produced!

Electrical Parade (returning to Disneyland)

Main Street Electrical Parade
Source: Disney

Main Street Electrical Parade Parade in summers at Disneyland beginning on June 17, 1972, and ending Nov. 25, 1996. The parade, featuring half a million tiny lights on floats themed primarily to Disney movies, became one of the most beloved traditions at Disneyland. The park’s lights were dimmed and the illuminated parade snaked from a gate next to “it’s a small world, ” past the Matterhorn, skirted the hub, and then continued down Main Street to conclude at Town Square.

How excited are you that all these epic and magical shows are making their return in 2022?!

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