Florida Politicians File Federal Cruise Ship Act To Remove The CDC Order – Making Allowances For Cruise Lines To Set Sail Again

Source: Disney Cruise Line

Senator Rick Scott and Marco Rubio in league with Alaska Senator – Dan Sullivan are leading the way to force the CDC to remove it’s conditional sail order. The order that has kept cruise liners from sailing for 13 months from US ports. Causing a predictably massive financial impact on the industry.

The three politicians brought forth the “Careful Resumption Under Improved Safety Enhancements (CRUISE) Act” to the U.S. Senate while a companion bill was filed by Rep. María Elvira Salazar, R-Miami, in the House.

“Florida is a tourism state with thousands of jobs relying on the success of our ports, cruise lines and maritime industries. . . While many sectors of the economy have been safely operating for months under CDC guidelines, Floridians, and those across the nation that rely on the cruise industry for work, continue to wait for updated guidance from the CDC.”
Sen. Scott  in recent press release
Currently, cruise lines sailing out of U.S. ports are following the Conditional Sail Order. This replaced the No Sail Order back in October of 2020. The requirements in order to welcome  aboard vacationers again include: testing on board and ashore, running simulated sailings prior to boarding customers once again and more. So far no date has been set as to when U.S. Ports can begin boarding customers once again, though Florida Government has been pushing for a summer reopen.
“The CDC’s refusal to properly address this shutdown is wrong and it’s time to get the cruise lines open safely. . .Our bill, the CRUISE Act, says we’re not waiting on the CDC any longer. Cruises can and should resume, and we’re going to do everything we can to bring back our cruise industry safely.”
Sen. Scott  in recent press release

Cruise Liners have been successfully sailing in Asia, Europe and soon enough the Caribbean. And in that time the cruise industry has seen nearly 400,000 passengers and of that, fewer than 50 publicly reported cases of COVID-19 – according to the CLIA.

Tension on this subject has been steadily increasing as Governor Ron DeSantis recently announced the state would be going to court to force this issue. This CRUISE Act presented by Sen. Scott and Rubio has a deadline set for July 4th.

Source: Orlando Sentinel