NEWS: Governor Of Florida Talks Cruise Industry’s “Way Forward” To Sailing This Summer!

Source: Disney Cruise Line

FOX 29 reported a round table between Governor of Florida, Ron Desantis, and cruise liner industry leaders in Port Canaveral

The Governor has urged federal government and health officials to lift the ongoing “No Sail order” that can be read HERE.


He stresses in a statement today during the roundtable:

“We need to be able to get these cruise lines operating again. . . In Florida, we have everything going on except the cruise lines because the federal government won’t let the cruise lines sail.”

The No Sail Order has been in affect since March of 2020, due to multiple outbreaks of COVID-19. Cruise lines have been unable to charter guests to and from US ports since then and has seen a share of suffering financially – the order has now extended till November 1st.

Cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean have announced sailings to and from international ports like the Bahamas, Bermuda and most recently, Disney Cruise line announced the Summer start for cruises to and from the London, Tilbury, Newcastle, Liverpool and Southampton. Ron DeSantis continues his plight saying people will find a way to cruise anyway, taking flights to the Bahamas and set sail from an international port.
DeSantis is pushing for a Summer reopening of Florida ports to avoid continued job and revenue loss. Also stating that the “No Sail Order” is causing a ripple affect for not only the cruise industry but for the smaller businesses servicing the liners as well.
Christine Duffy, President of Carnival Cruise Line, adds to the argument:
“Airlines, hotels, resorts, every part of the travel and tourism sector is preparing for summer travel. . .Our ships are ready.”

Previously DeSantis asked for a $260 million approval from Florida’s federal stimulus funding to support ports across the state. Now he is concerned that it won’t be enough, seeing as the ports are still closed. Though the CDC has taken steps such as updated guidelines for testing and screening crew members among other things. This past week the President and CEO of the Cruise Lines International Association also urged the CDC to lift the No sail Order to allow for sailings in July.

Ron DeSantis ends his statements with this:

“What we need is a way forward. . . We’ll put a lot of people back to work in this state if we’re able to do it.”

See the video of the meeting: HERE



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