RUMOR – Is the Grand Floridian Becoming an Even More Upscale Luxury Resort?

There’s a rumor that Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa may soon be refurbished into an even more exclusive luxury resort. Opening in 1988, the Victorian-style resort is already one of Walt Disney World’s most expensive hotels. Featuring the famed Five-Diamond Victoria & Albert’s restaurant, rooms at the Grand Floridian range from approximately $700 per night at the lower end to over $3,000 for a Club Level suite.

But thanks to competition from the posh Four Seasons Orlando, the Grand Floridian may be getting an extreme makeover that could potentially push those rates even higher.

The rumor — apparently first reported by Tom Corless at WDW News Today — speculates that Bob Chapek (Chairman of Disney Parks and Resorts) feels that Disney’s own luxury hotels pale in comparison to other upscale hotels such as the Four Seasons Orlando. The solution, according to the rumor, is to “completely gut” the Grand Floridian and go even more upscale.

It’s no secret that Disney’s current business model seems to hinge on offerings that cater to wealthier consumers (with those results being hit or miss) so an even more upscale resort option isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility. However, to “completely gut” the Grand Floridian would be a massive undertaking that would likely see the hotel closed (in whole or in part) for many months. That might just have the opposite effect — driving that wealthy clientele to a non-Disney hotel.

The other option would be to build a new “super deluxe” hotel that’s even more expensive than the Grand Floridian, but the feasibility of such an undertaking is questionable.

Still, the resort has changed very little in nearly 30 years. Perhaps it’s past time to “plus it.”

What are your thoughts? Is the Grand Floridian lacking, or fine just the way that it is? Comment in the forums!

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