5 Haunted Disney Parks Ghost Stories: There’s Always Room for One More!

Since it’s almost Halloween we’re taking a look at some supposed hauntings of Disney Parks attractions!

1. Walt Disney Haunts the Main Street Fire Station in Disneyland

There are many stories of Walt Disney himself haunting the Fire Station.  The Main Street Fire Station had an upstairs apartment for Walt.  When he was there he would turn on the lamp in the window so employees would be aware he was on the property.  There have been many who’ve talked about how the lamp is still there and it will turn on by itself.  In fact, on cleaning lady talked about how she noticed it on while cleaning and turned it off.  When she went outside it was turned on again.  She went back and turned it off again, and when she went outside, it was on.  Some accounts claim she heard a voice say “I’m still here.”

Other cast members report hearing footsteps and noises coming from the apartment at night when the park is closed.  Could Walt be keeping an eye on his beloved park?

2.  The Woman in White

One of the Disneyland hauntings is known as the Woman in White.  There is a woman seen around the Main Street area dressed in 19th century or turn of the century clothing.  She is thought to be a woman who died on the property before it became Disneyland.  She also reportedly helps lost children get to the Disneyland Baby Care Center so they can find their parents.

3. George the Welder

This is a story of woe from Walt Disney World.  George was a construction worker who worked on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  Supposedly he fell from high up and died.  Now he is said to haunt the ride.  Cast members tell tales of saying “good morning George” and “Good Night George” because if they don’t give him the respect he wants he will cause trouble.  There have been reports of the ride breaking down for no apparent reason.   Phone calls come from an unoccupied control room.  Guests report feeling of chills.  And a mysterious figure on the ride monitors.

There’s even a door called “George’s door”  by the door where the dog holds the keys.

4.  The Boy at the Haunted Mansion

Apparently there are two stories for this one.  The Disneyland version story is that a mother took her son’s ashes and left them in the attraction.  A little boy can be seen crying near the exit.  The Walt Disney World story is that a boy is there and he likes to play and ride through the attraction.  I read this really awesome first person account of this on the Disney World Enthusiast’s website.  In a nutshell, the author arrived at the park early on a light crowd day.  They stopped in at the Haunted Mansion on the way to Big Thunder Mountain.  When they got there they walked right in and the cast member at the Doom Buggy loading area even commented the were the first rider of the day.  As they were riding a child stuck his head out from a buggy a couple of cars ahead.  The author just assumed that maybe the cast member was wrong and a family was on the ride.  When they got off they mentioned it to the cast member who assured them they were the first person on the ride.   As my son would say “Spoopy!”


5.  Mr. One Way

At Disneyland’s Space Mountain there is a resident ghost nicknamed “Mr. One Way.”  Mr. One Way is usually described as a man with red hair and a red face.  Often, he is in line with guests and seems like an ordinary visitor.  He will get on the ride, usually next to a single rider, and when the ride stops at the end, he is gone.

There are many “haunting” stories about Disneyland and Walt Disney World.   We actually discussed many more stories on one of the Pirates and Princesses Podcast.  Including: Disco Debbie, Mr. Wrong Way, Dolly Young, It’s a Small World and more.  Take a listen if you want to hear more ghost stories.   If you dare………



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