Here’s How You Can Virtually Celebrate “Back to Hogwarts Day,” Because Even the Wizards Are E-Learning!

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The 1st of September is a momentous day in the wizarding world calendar: this is the day the Hogwarts students return for a new term, catch the Hogwarts Express, while the first-years discover the castle for the first time. Though this year may look a bit different than in the past, the time has arrived to pack your trunk, ready your school supplies, and prepare to go Back to Hogwarts – virtually!

year, we’re celebrating the return to Hogwarts a little differently, as many of us continue to stay safe at home. Find out how you can join in the festivities of one of our favorite days of the wizarding world calendar, thanks to some digital wizardry, and the first-ever Back to Hogwarts live stream, available on Wizarding World
As Harry Potter fans know all too well, on 1st September, Harry Potter attended Hogwarts for the very first time – and we’ve all been celebrating this eponymous wizarding world calendar date ever since. Here’s how all of our Wizarding World friends and family are congregating for a digital celebration this year, and how you can join in at home.
Harry Potter fans can also attend ‘online classes’ with the wand choreographer, Paul Harris, who will be instructing everyone in “wand combat tricks”. The live streams will also have immersive soundscape recording that will help you delve deeper into the experience of riding on the Hogwarts Express.There will be airings of the ‘Back to Hogwarts Movie Marathon’ as well as a chance to hear the audiobook of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone that has been recorded with celebrities such as Daniel Radcliff and Eddie Redmayne. All the information regarding the new term at Hogwarts can be found on the Wizarding World website for fans’ convenience.