Joe Rohde is many things and even on his last day he left a heart filled message to inspire us all one last time.


Joe has been an incredible leader and inspiration throughout the years and even on his final day as a cast member he still made an impact on us all with his heartfelt words.

“Joe donated these boots – that touched the ground during some of our most iconic endeavors – to the Walt Disney Archives. They will preserve these boots for future generations of Disney Imagineers, fans and historians. Thank you Joe for teaching us how to be better stewards of this world and how to create experiences that entertain, educate and inspire. No one can fill your boots, but we are ready to continue the legacy of curiosity and courage that defines your designs and teams. I can’t wait to see what you do next my friend.” “@thezachriddley” (from Disney parks blog facebook)

Joe Rohde made this statement on Instagram on January 4th, 2021.
“Well. This is it. I will be just Joe Rohde, creative guy, after today. I still plan to work some, but in new areas and new mediums, and I’d also like to just paint. I heard that the postponed Explorers Club expedition to Nunavut, way up north, is back on, so I can prepare for next August when that will happen. Since November when I announced my retirement from Imagineering, I’ve received lots of very nice congratulations and testimonials from people for whom my work has made a difference. That is gratifying and I’m very thankful to all. People have also warned me about feeling bored by retirement… but I truly have so many deferred projects that I know I cannot complete them all in any rational amount of time I may have. Books. Paintings. Sculptures. Plays. Chores. Expeditions, and time to spend with my wife Melody, whom I met when we were still in school and who has been with me through all of this huge adventure…and with my boys, now grown young men starting their own careers. As much as I have enjoyed my work, and the joy it has brought to so many…my family has always been my first and greatest love. Last night we all got together (only one lives off the Rohde campus right now) we raised our glasses and toasted.” .. “Here’s to forty years.” (Sourced from Joe Rohde on Instagram)


Joe from our family here at The Kingdom Insider to yours we thank you for everything you have done for the Walt Disney Company over the years. Joe, you have created a better world for so many people a world full of imagination and creativity, a safe place to be ourselves and live in wonder. Thank you 

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