Josh Gad Celebrates Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

Source: Josh Gad IG

Celebrities seem to visit the Disney Parks every week, and it’s always fun to try and catch sight of one while at the parks. It’s a mystery that I have been a frequent visitor at Disneyland for almost my whole life and have only seen celebrities twice, so they are very stealthy when they visit! One exciting Disney celebrity that recently visited Walt Disney World was Josh Gad, aka Olaf from Frozen (and LeFou from the live-action Beauty and the Beast). Disney, of course, did their Walt Disney World Minute with Josh, and it takes place right next to the Olaf 50th anniversary statue. So cute, right?

Josh’s interviewer asked him a series of short questions, and of course, Josh had some very clever and comical responses (see video below). He also shared that he is currently working on the upcoming Beauty and the Beast live-action prequel series for Disney+, titled The Little Town. While we are so excited about this new project, we do hope to see more of Olaf in the future!

At the end of his EPCOT park visit, Josh shared an appreciation post for how gorgeous the park looked in the evening.

He also shared a photo of his family at the end of their Walt Disney World vacation and took a moment to be just like everyone else in sharing how magical and amazing his trip was. It’s nice to see that Disney celebrities are just as in awe of Disney magic time after time…celebrities, they’re just like us (sorry, I just had to make that joke!)!

He also seemed to have picked up an Olaf hot cocoa bomb during his trip to Walt Disney World. In a recent Twitter post, he showed a video of him dropping the hot cocoa bomb in some boiling milk. His response to the experience was, of course, hilarious and then Disney Parks joined in on the comedy by responding to his Twitter post:

Thanks to Josh Gad for letting his fans take a glimpse inside his recent visit to Walt Disney World!

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