‘Kingdom Hearts’ Characters Coming to the Disney Tsum Tsum App?

Kingdom Hearts characters are coming to the Japanese version of the LINE Disney Tsum Tsum game. Pictures have surfaced on Facebook of an upcoming event called Fantasmic. Presumably named after the popular nighttime show of the same title, this event features characters like Sorcerer Mickey, Hercules, Hades, Megara and Prince Phillip.

The biggest surprise is that the event includes two characters from the popular Kingdom Hearts franchise — Sora and Riku. Whether or not this event or these characters make it to the international version remains to be seen, but it would be incredibly exciting if they did!

Here’s a closer look at the individual Tsums. Their descriptions are in Japanese, however. If anyone would like to translate, feel free to leave a translation in the comments or on our Tsum Tsum message board.

When will Kingdom Hearts 3 be released?

Currently there is no release date for Kingdom Hearts 3. However, it’s been rumored that a release date will be announced at the D23 Expo Japan next year. It’s been over 10 years since Kingdom Hearts II, but there have been many spinoff games and re-releases to keep the series fresh in players’ minds. Maybe having Kingdom Hearts in Tsum Tsum will help ease the pain of having to wait a few more years for the next game?

Most recently, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 +2.5 ReMIX was recently released for Ps4.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Kingdom Hearts franchise, it’s an action RPG series created by Square-Enix that features Disney characters and characters from the Final Fantasy games in one universe. Sora and Riku are two of the series’ protagonists. The third main character, Kairi, is apparently sitting this one out.

(Side note: We love the series so much that we actually named our daughter Kairi!)

Here’s hoping we see a Stateside release!

Are you excited about Kingdom Hearts coming to Tsum Tsum? Comment below or in the forums!

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