Knott’s Berry Farm Has a New Seasonal Shrimp Po-Boy!

Source: Knott's Berry Farm

One thing I really love to do at Knott’s Berry Farm is eat! Theme park food can sometimes be, well, meh! But Knott’s Berry Farm actually has some pretty good food, especially if you know where to go. One of the best things at Knott’s is their amazingly delicious funnel cake! Knott’s knows how to do the funnel cake so well and just thinking about the boysenberry has me salivating! Other food items around the park offer up some amazing menu items and it’s hard to try them all in one day.

Source: Knott’s Berry Farm

One good spot to eat at Knott’s Berry Farm is over at Wilderness Broiler. This quick-service location serves up flame-grilled hamburgers and a delicious Spicy Chicken Sandwich, however now through June 13 they have a limited-time special shrimp po-boy on the menu!

I for one absolutely love a good shrimp po-boy and have yet to see one available around Knott’s, so this is an exciting limited-time menu item! Just be sure you eat this one (or anything else for that matter) after catching a ride on Ghost Rider!

Source: Knott’s Berry Farm

How excited are you for this new limited-time shrimp po-boy over at Wilderness Broiler?!