LEGO Ideas Has a Spaceship Earth Contender

Who doesn’t love LEGO?  Sure they hurt when you step on them, but LEGO in general always offers incredible playsets.

But most people don’t know that they have a section called LEGO Ideas.

This allows people to submit ideas and by other LEGO fans vote and answer some basic information questions about things like how much you would expect to pay and who you think the demographic is for.

There are different milestones for numbers of votes that creators must hit within a certain time frame to continue on in the process.

Past winners include sets like the DeLorean from Back to the Future, Voltron-Defender of the Universe and the Beatles Yellow Submarine.

Currently, there is a contender with a Spaceship Earth playset! I can’t express how cool it is!

The model takes you clear through the attraction! Featuring the following scenes:

  • Loading area

  • Cave drawings

  • Young Egyptian pounding reeds flat / papyrus

  • Phoenician trade and communication – boat scene (Thank the Phoenicians)

  • Romans

  • Burning and destruction of the Library of Alexandria (I love the little flames)

  • Jewish & Islamic scholars preserving recorded information (The books are saved!)

  • Sleeping Monk

  • Gutenberg and the first movable-type printing press

  • Michelangelo painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (Can’t you hear the music?)

  • Telephone switchboard

  • Mainframe computer

  • Building home computers in a garage (The solution comes in, of all places, a garage in California)

  • Earth (After 30,000 years of time travel, here we are—a truly global community, poised to shape the future of this, our Spaceship Earth)

Okay so it’s so cool, but it’s even better! Did I mention it actually moves!

There is a hand crank, that can be replaced with a “medium power functions motor” to spin the interior. It  makes it feel like you are moving throughout the attraction model! Click here to see it in action!

The creator also posted a size comparison between the Cinderella Castle LEGO set and the Spaceship Earth model set they created!

I can’t stress enough how cool this really is! If you are interested in giving them a vote to help their creation reach consumers go HERE and hit the “support” button on the right hand side.  You will have to register to vote. I did because I would actually buy this product!

But this can only become a reality if it gets chosen. Share and spread the word! Make sure to click the “Support” button.