Magic Key Holders Become Frustrated With Reservation Availability as the Holiday Season Approaches!

Source: Inside the Magic

We are in the midst of the Halloween season and in a little over a month we will be approaching the holiday season at the Disney parks. Guests love coming to the parks during the holidays because of the all the epic decorations, special character sightings and themed food and treats. It’s my personal favorite time of year and want to enjoy it while it lasts, because hey it only comes around once a year!

Now that passes are back at Disneyland, passholders (now Magic Key holders) are more excited than ever to be able to return to Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure as many times as they would essentially like. The issue is, is that the parks are still running on a reservation system which Bob Chapek had previously stated is most likely here to stay. With that being said, Magic Key holders are now becoming increasingly frustrated because they are now seeing that a lot of days in the month of November and December are no longer available because reservations are booked up (see screenshots of the Dream Key calendar, the pass with no block out dates, below). This brings people to ask themselves if paying all that money for their passes was actually worth it when they can’t even get in to enjoy the parks during one of the most special times of the year on the exact days they wanted as they could before with passes.


I myself am a Dream Key passholder and luckily I made my reservations for November already but was only able to snag one weekend date in December because there is now almost no availability on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. All Magic Key Holders have a certain number of reservations they can hold at one time, depending on the level of their Magic Key. Basically if you hold a handful of reservations at a time for one month you have to wait until you use up one of your reservations before you are able to book another one.

One important thing to remember is that just because there are no reservations currently available, that does not mean that more will not open up. Disney has a certain number of reservations set aside for Magic Key Holders and a certain number set aside for regular ticket holders for each day. There is a high probability that Disneyland will potentially open up more reservations up to Magic Key Holders if there are still regular ticket reservations left at the last minute.

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