Meet the New Disneyland Horses!

Source: Disney Parks Blog

As new Cast Members get hired on for the parks it looks like new animals have also been casted over at Disneyland Park! If you weren’t previously aware, Disneyland Park has their own private ranch for their horses called Circle D Ranch which is 5.5 acres big. Disney trains their horses there and that’s where these gorgeous animals call home when they are not working at the park. Disneyland has now announced that they have hired on 5 more horses and every single one is so beautiful and elegant and I absolutely can’t wait to meet them in the park! Let’s check out the newcomers:

Dublin, a four-year-old Belgian and Percheron cross
Source: Disney Parks Blog

Let’s give a big welcome to Dublin, a four-year-old Belgian and Percheron cross! He came from Ontario, California and the Circle D cast members say he’s quite affectionate. Don’t you just want to give him a big hug?!

Champ and his half-brother Chip, five year old Clydesdales from Montana
Source: Disney Parks Blog

Just look at these gorgeous Clydesdales!!! This is Champ and his half-brother Chip and they are five years old and come from Montana. Here’s a hint to tell them apart: Chip has some black feathers among the white on his right front leg. Make sure to give them a warm welcome when you get a chance to see them in the parks!

Lily, a five year old horse from Ohio

Our next newcomer is Lily and doesn’t she have such a gorgeous color? This five year old is from Ohio and Cast Members say she already loves being in the spotlight! I definitely can’t wait to say hello to this gorgeous girl on Main Street!

Pumpkin, a one-and-a-half years old black Percheron

And last but not least we have a Percheron named Pumpkin (isn’t that such a cute name?!) who came from Tehachapi, California. She’s the baby, at one-and-a-half years old. Cast member say she has a very sweet nature and very long ears!


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I personally have such a soft spot in my heart for horses as I grew up around them and even went to horse camp a few times, so I have a big appreciation for them. Seeing these amazing and strong animals at my happiest place on earth just makes my day a little better, and knowing that Disney really takes care of them gives me such a peace of mind.

According to Circle D Ranch Manager, Erin Simon, Disneyland horses are chosen for their intelligence and willingness to learn. According to the Disney Parks Blog, “the training process from arrival at Circle D to debut on Main Street, U.S.A., takes anywhere from six months to a year, depending on the particular horse. Training begins with exercises designed to build trust and respect between horse and human, continues with skill work for strength and coordination, as well as learning vocal commands. A fixed timeline for a horse to arrive at Disneyland park is not established, as each horse will meet goals at their natural pace. The result are horses that truly enjoy their jobs! Or, as has been said, “The Happiest Horses on Earth.”

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