Nassau Bahamas Is Getting A Big Transformation! Here Are All The Recent Details!

Image Source: Nassau Cruise Port

Back in 2019, the talks of re-vamping one of the most popular ports in the Bahamas was released to public.

They finally broke ground December 2nd, 2020 with the expected finished date of 2022. But what will this new look entail?

A Change Of Name And Change Of Vibe

With this redesigning and construction, Nassau’s Prince George Wharf cruise port will be turned into “Nassau Cruise Port.” They will continue to be a port of call for cruises around the globe. Additionally it will also serve as a gateway to the island itself. Complete with shopping, dining, entertainment and so much more.

Nassau Port Of Call
Image Source: Nassau Cruise Port

Arrival Building

The Arrival Center will serve as a welcome to visitors and a peek into island life. Featuring a Junkanoo Museum and a newly designed Health Center with quarantine facility to accommodate COVID guidelines and safety measures.

Dock Extension

We already know that this port is pretty massive. Now they have plans to extend both the most Northern and Southern docks, accommodating the largest cruise ships on the water. This will make it even more attractive to Cruise Liners.

Image Source: Nassau Cruise Port

More Outdoor Space Than Originally Designed

An Indoor/Outdoor Marketplace and shopping area is being built including Hair Braiding Salons acknowledging current and future physical distancing requirements. More outdoor design was set in place as soon as COVID started impacting the project.

Image Source: Nassau Cruise Port

An Amphitheatre And Multiple Restaurants On Site.

There will be an Amphitheatre used for events on the waterfront of this massive complex for tourist and local entertainment. Along with this, multiple restaurant venues will be available as well.

Local Jobs For Residents On The Island

Between 2020 through 2022- 1,000 construction and permanent jobs (high majority local) have and will be created due to this project. Which is always an added plus, especially on high-tourism islands. Their plan is to employ as many locals for projects and daily operations as possible.

Mike Maura, the CEO of the new “Nassau Cruise Port,” earlier this week, reportedly said that cruise ships could possibly begin sailing into port as early as sometime this spring. However, most cruise ships have pushed back sailing until summer officially in just the past few days. Recently one of the requirements set in place by the CDC as part of the conditional sail order, is to first do simulation testing with new safety requirements prior to revenue-generating sailing. Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Disney Cruise Line have pushed back cruise itineraries to dates in June, so ideally the port itself will be accessible by then. They are currently undergoing construction at the port for a temporary welcome center, as the new redesigned waterfront and welcome center will not be finished until 2022.

Global Ports Holding, a leading global cruise port operator has been in charge of the project and monitoring it’s success via Facebook. Lots of great info on their if you want to know more about the construction of this massive project. Lionel Turnquest, Director of Projects & Facilities at Nassau Cruise Port Ltd. has a great video on there about the construction aspect. The excitement and love being shown for this project is really heartwarming.

I am extremely happy for Nassau and their new venture in becoming one of the most beautiful waterfront and ports of call in the world. It is sure to be amazing.