New Steamboat Willie Loungefly and Disney Collection Available for Pre-Order!

Source: Entertainment Earth

Full steam ahead! If you love Steamboat Willie as much as we do Insiders, you’re about to get really excited! Loungefly and Disney are coming out with a new Steamboat Willie collection and each piece is truly one-of-a-kind! The collection is coming in June but is available for pre-order now.

This exciting new collection will feature Mickey and Minnie-style ears, a flap wallet, backpack, and a crossbody purse! Take a look for yourself!

Steamboat Willie Hat Ears

Source: Entertainment Earth

Show off your Disney fandom and whistle the tune with this Steamboat Willie Hat Mickey-style Ears! These ears are made of faux leather with rope trim and features an appliqué hat, and printed details. ($30)

Steamboat Willie Bow Ears

Source: Entertainment Earth

These fashionable ears are definitely Minnie Mouse approved! Isn’t the wheel in the center of the bow just the cutest?! ($30)

Steamboat Willie Music Cruise Flap Wallet

Source: Entertainment Earth

You are sure to turn heads with this classic and iconic Mickey and Minnie Steamboat Willie wallet! The wallet is made of faux leather with rope trim and features a flap closure, matching themed lining, appliqué, and printed details. ($40)

Steamboat Willie Music Cruise Mini-Backpack

Source: Entertainment Earth

Show off this adorable Steamboat Willie backpack while you’re in the park, strolling through Downtown Disney or Disney Springs, or heck, even while you’re running errands! These mini backpacks are so convenient and easy to carry around. If you’re a Loungefly and Disney fan, this is a must-have to add to your collection! ($75)

Steamboat Willie Music Cruise Crossbody Purse

Source: Entertainment Earth

I don’t know about you but Crossbody bags are my favorite! You can cruise through your day with Mickey and Minnie by your side! This bag features adjustable strap, rope style handles, matching themed lining, molded metal, and printed details. It just doesn’t get any cuter than this! ($70)

The entire Steamboat Willie Disney and Loungefly Collection is available for pre-order now at Entertainment Earth!

Which piece from this new collection is your favorite?