NEWS: Could Fantasmic! At Hollywood Studios Be Undergoing Some Construction Soon?

One of the biggest missing pieces at Walt Disney World right now are nighttime spectaculars. Among these, Fantasmic! at Hollywood Studios.

The most curious question is…when will it return? What has been happening over there recently? Let’s look at what we have seen so far.


Here’s an image of the empty amphitheater with complete draining of the moat above. Then a few weeks ago, the guide map magically places Mickey on his mountain in his familiar sorcerer outfit, giving all of us a sense of “could this be happening?”

fantasmic- screenshot-my disney experience
Screenshot From My Disney Experience App!

But alas…the moat is still drained.

Image: @Bioreconstruct February 2021

So what exactly is Disney planning for this favorited show at Walt Disney World?

Well, a few new permits filed for construction could give us a clue. It was reported that 3 were filed, all of which in the general area of this amphitheater. Could they be planning for things like, physical distancing marks? Plexi- separators? Perhaps adjusted guest flow in and out of theatre? We will keep an eye out for any slight changes as the weeks go on.

Of course nothing like this could happen overnight. Nighttime spectaculars have been regularly discussed across the board as to how to do it safely and affectively. But, they did make their intentions known for things like “Harmonious” expected to be opening this year. A much larger undertaking on the guest side, but the performers are the biggest concern. As far as making it a safe work environment, not only 50 performers, there’s Tech staff, Costuming and Management making up the entire backstage and onstage areas as well. That is a big undertaking.

We have seen them slowly figure out things like the cavalcades, equity singers at both Magic Kingdom and Epcot, and now about to bring back Festival Of The Lion King, which will be a great gage for what we should expect in more venues as things progress.

One thing I will say from a past Cast Member perspective, particularly entertainment. They are not taking these situations lightly, every move they make is a calculated one, though we can never really know what they are discussing as far as other departments are concerned and the higher rankings in their own department. There are many moving parts in these decisions and timelines. I do have faith that they indeed want (and need) these shows to start planning reopening. Guest favorites like Fantasmic! (even if it’s reimagined) are a life blood of the parks and everyone is aware of that.

Only time will tell and we are anticipating as the weeks go on, more answers will be revealed! So stay tuned!