NEWS: Disney Is Releasing A New Short For The First Time In 5 Years!

Image Source: Disney

Disney Animation Studios is going to release their first animated short in 5 years… Us Again.”  

Disney has released the first image representing the short film. It centers around a couple -Art and Dot-dancing in the street with the reflections of their older selves in the puddles on the street.

Image Source: Disney

Writer and Director, Zach Parrish, speaks of the 6 minute film in an interview with Entertainment Weekly as something that speaks “to any age” and that “It’s about remembering to enjoy the ride no matter what your age is. And to look at the world around you and realize how special it is.”

Us Again” will be presented in theaters with “Raya and the Last Dragon” on March 5, 2021.

The short will also drop on Disney+ in June!