Chris Duarte, the President of The Worker’s United Local 50 in California dropped an update yesterday to Union Members stating that they will begin a “first wave” of recalls for Cast Members!

Recalls will happen as soon as Wednesday for up to 60 Cast Members. Not too long ago, they announced  some recalls which we reported here. This is being labeled as a “first wave,” which implies there could be more following suite in the coming weeks and months. Recalls are undoubtedly a part of the limited ticked  event announced earlier this month for California Adventure. A hopeful sign that things may start turning around for Disneyland.

Here if the official update from the Local 50 Facebook Page below: 

“Recall Update,

Recall notifications are expected to begin as early as tomorrow for furloughed members. This first wave of recalls will include close to 60 cast members with more to come next week. We expect the next wave of recalls to begin as early as next Wednesday.

In QSR a small amount of positions for Cashier, Dinner Cook Trainer, FOH lead, Receiver lead, Receiver Assistant, and Steward lead are to be filled.

In Vending a small amount positions for Cashier, Maintenance Coordinator, and Receiver Assistant are to be filled.

In Table Service a small amount of positions for Bushelp, FOH lead, HOH lead, OC trainer, Food Prep trainer, Receiver Assistant, and Receiver lead are to be filled.

Festival operations will resume in some manner for this round of recalls. These positions will be available to everyone in Food and Beverage. A small amount of positions for Receiver lead, Receiver Assistant, Dinner Cook trainer, OC trainer, HOH lead, and FOH lead are to be filled.

For festivals, regardless of scheduling group, classification seniority will be used to fill normal roles and Full Time seniority will be observed to fill premium roles.

As we get more information we will share that information here. Contact us directly if you have any questions.

In solidarity,
Chris Duarte
Local 50 President”

Such great news for Disneyland Cast Members and again one small step for them in reopening their gates. Let’s keep hoping for more positive news to come their way in the coming months!


Source: Worker’s United Local 50