NEWS: Second Wave Of DISNEYLAND Cast Members Recalled To Work

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Chris Duarte, the Local 50 President, took to Facebook for another announcement just a few days after first wave of employee recalls!

We mentioned in a previous article that a “second wave” was expected sooner rather than later. And here we are, the following week! Another 52 jobs expected to be recalled in the next week. We are very happy to see more jobs returned to the Disneyland Cast.

Here if the official update from the Local 50 Facebook Page below: 

“Recall Update, 
This week a second wave of recall is expected to begin on Wednesday for members on Furlough. A third wave is being planned for next week. We are waiting on details and this plan could change.

This week 52 positions will be recalled.

In ODV positions for FOH lead, Food Prep trainer, Stocker Steward, and Stocker Steward trainer are to be filled. In total 5 positions are expected.

In QSR positions for Busser, Dinner Cook, Food Prep, and Steward are to be filled. In total 13 positions are expected.

In Table Service positions for Bartender Trainer, Bushelp trainer, Food Prep, Order Cook, Steward, and Waithelp trainer are to be filled. In total 18 positions are expected.

Market Place Booths, operated by festivals, will have positions for Dinner Cook, Busser trainer, Food Service Worker trainer, Order Cook, Steward trainer, Cashier trainer, and Busser lead. In total 16 positions are expected.

We also received news that California Adventure is planning to become a 5 day a week operation with expectations that the 5 operating days will include the weekends. This will impact scheduling for all Food and Beverage cast, including those currently working at Buena Vista Street, as the majority of cast will be required to work the weekends. Please begin to plan accordingly.

We are still awaiting on more information from Disney as details are being finalized, including what locations will be opening. As we get that information we will post it here.”

That’s the latest, Insiders!