“Nightmare Before Christmas” is Getting a Sequel…in Book Form!

Source: Goodreads

Nightmarish dreams do come true! Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” has been a huge holiday movie hit since it first premiered in 1993. Surprisingly enough, there hasn’t been a huge outcry for a sequel for this movie, probably because the original movie is fantastically perfect, sometimes it’s just good to leave well enough alone. However, it turns out that this amazing story is in fact getting a sequel…in book form!

The new book, titled “Long Live the Pumpkin Queen”, will explore what happens to Sally as she gets her happily ever after in the first movie. The new young adult novel is in the works by author Shea Ernshaw. Here is a the story plot line according to Ernshaw’s website:

After falling in love with Jack Skellington and marrying him atop Spiral Hill, Sally must grapple with her new title as the Pumpkin Queen of Halloween Town. When she happens upon a new doorway near the grove of holiday trees, she inadvertently sets loose a villain who could ruin Halloween Town forever. Now, Sally must venture to the other six holidays on a quest to save Jack and all of Halloween Town, a perilous journey that will lead her to unearth worlds she never imagined, learn the truth about her own past, and decide what this discovery means for her future.

Source: Hallmark

Ernshaw states, “I hope that readers will feel like they’ve tumbled down a much-too-dark rabbit hole, into one of Tim Burton’s wonderfully macabre worlds.”

The book is set to release July of 2022 and we can hardly wait to read this amazing new novel and see what adventures Sally embarks on and what gets set loose on Halloweentown this time! And who knows…maybe we will get a sequel to the first “The Nightmare Before Christmas” movie if this new novel is successful!

How excited are you for this new YA novel, “Long Live the Pumpkin Queen”?!