Online Petition Started to Save the Grand Floridian Orchestra

We just reported that on October 3, the Grand Floridian Orchestra Band will play its final set. Now, it appears an online petition was started to save the band.


An online petition labeled, “Save the Grand Floridian Orchestra,” was started on Started by “Danielle R,” the petition states;

I just learned that the Grand Floridian Orchestra is being fired after briefly coming back from furlough. Currently, the GFO was operating outside of its usual location and under a different name. As a child at the Grand Floridian, I have wonderful memories of staying there and enjoying the music in such a “classy” place. I recall coming down the elevator and admiring the GIANT birdcages (when birds were actually in them) while hearing beautiful music. But those memories are shadowed by witnessing my own children enjoy that same scene 30 years later, I cannot put a price on that! Times are unprecedented but do not let this beautiful group go by the wayside. There are few places to see such MAGICAL music, they belong in their home at the grand Floridian- not as a place holder ar Hollywood Studios. This is a Tragedy. The people visiting deserve better than what we’ve been given, and this is the final straw. I willingly overpay to stay at the Grand Floridian due to the amenities and the out of this world feeling of being there, these men and women are a GIANT part of that. 

To sign the petition, click here.


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