Our Experience on the Odyssey of the Seas by Royal Caribbean

We were lucky enough to get back out at sea onboard Royal Caribbean’s latest and greatest ship Odyssey of the Seas departing out of Fort Lauderdale FL. We embarked on a quick two day cruise to Royal Caribbean International’s island Coco Cay located in the Bahamas. While there is so much to see and do onboard this beautiful ship, we knew we were going to have a packed schedule so we quickly set out to go see and do as much as we could to bring it back to share it with all of you!


First up, accommodations: While there is no shortage of cabin types, we took some tours of some of the biggest rooms available at sea. Our first rooms we explored were The Royal Suite Class which offers unparalleled accommodations at sea. We toured the Royal Loft Suite, and Star Loft Suite, which was just simply incredible. There are many benefits when booking suites, but the best would most likely be The Royal Genie. The Royal Genie is, “Your Royal Genie is the ultimate insider, crafting exclusive one-of-a-kind experiences, all designed with your interests and preferences in mind. Whether it’s front-row seats to your favorite show on a cruise ship, or an intimate gourmet adventure at Chef’s Table, your Royal Genie will make sure you have everything you want — and more than you ever imagined.” 

Other amenities when booking star class suites include priority boarding, separate check in line, luxury amenities, high speed internet service, concierge service, suite lounge, complimentary beverage package, specialty dining and more! You truly are taken care of in every way possible when booking these special rooms at sea!

The rest of the accommodations at sea are the standard balcony, ocean view, interior, and a virtual balcony interior room. All balconies offer generous sized verandahs and the state rooms offer lots of storage space for you to put away your clothes and suitcases and more.

Onboard activities

From bumper cars to skydiving, adventures after dark to exquisite cuisine, Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey of the Seas offers so much for you and your family to do, you’ll never get bored! We had a hard time trying to capture everything with just two short days to squeeze it all in!

The SeaPlex is where most activities happen during the day and nighttime hours. This is where you can challenge your family or friends to bumper cars, laser tag, arcade games, surfing, bungee trampoline and more! While we didn’t have time to try many of these things, when traveling for 7 days, we know we would have done these activities more than once! Most of these on board activities are included with your vacation which is why sailing with Royal Caribbean is a once in a lifetime experience that will have you coming back again and again! 

See the world from high above from Odyssey’s North Star! This high flying arm soars above the ocean and gives you spectacular views 360 degrees around and above the top deck. Speaking of top decks, Royal Caribbean offers cabana’s that you are able to purchase and reserve on their top decks that are especially useful for those days at sea! We saw that these cabana’s offered a refrigerator, power outlets, shade, and more! Definitely something worth looking into especially for longer voyages that have a few days at sea.


While onboard we were only able to make one show which was The Effectors. This show was all about superheroes and offered a lot of thrill, high flying action, special laser light displays and even a synchronized drone show at the end that flew over the audience! It was a spectacular showing of just how far cruise ship entertainment has come along! We thoroughly enjoyed it and know you will too. Other shows onboard the Odyssey of the Seas Showgirl which is about the past, present, and future of production shows. We missed this show but heard from our friends it was another great show put on by Royal Caribbean. Royal Caribbean also has the Music Hall which puts on live tribute bands to all things rock n roll! They’re great concerts with a set list that they put on for your enjoyment! 


There is no shortage of dining options onboard Odyssey of the Seas. From your usual buffets to main sit down dining, there is plenty to select from each of those venues every time you visit. Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey also offers amazing choices like Chef’s table which is the ultimate experience for culinary connoisseurs, Wonderland which offers magic in every bite, and many more extraordinary specialties at sea. We got to experience Izumi which gives you Far East flavors and fresh rolled sushi at sea! 

A one of a kind bar at sea

Have you ever watched bartenders and wonder how they know which alcohol to put in one just how they know the right amount? What if a robot that was originally designed for car production was making your drink to the most perfect taste? Enter, Bionic Bar! Here’s where you have a robot making your drink right in front of your eyes! It truly is a sight to see and is so much fun! You can even create your own cocktails or mocktails here to suit your drink desires! 

Kids activities

Although kids activities weren’t running while we were onboard, they have a ton of space dedicated to kids. From video games and hang out areas, to toddler dedicated play zones, there is no shortage of activities for kids to have fun while onboard! The award-winning Adventure Ocean® is being totally reimagined to let kids choose their own immersive adventure. There’s plenty of whimsical rooms to roam and climbable creations to explore at Play Place. Interactive tinker time at Workshop. Friendly competition at Arena. Spaces to call their own at Hangout. Plus dedicated programs that will engage all the senses for babies and younger kids at AO Babies and AO Junior. Redesigned with ages and parents in mind, your youngest adventurers are in for the playtime of their lives.

Our time onboard Odyssey of the Seas was short but a fun filled time! We loved being onboard this ship and absolutely would love to sail onboard a full cruise to have more time to enjoy all the wonderful features onboard! Stay tuned to our next addition which will feature Perfect Day at Coco Cay, Royal Caribbean’s private island!

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