Peter Mayhew, the Man Behind Chewbacca, Has Passed Away

It’s a sad day for Star Wars fans.

Peter Mayhew, the actor who portrayed Chewbacca in the Star Wars movies, has passed away at the age of 74. He died at his home in Texas, and no cause of death has been yet mentioned.

We have worked at and around conventions for years before doing this blog, and everyone who ever had the chance to meet him talked about how kind and friendly he was. His kindness always shown through as he worked to support many charities over the years.

Surviving Star Wars Cast Members Pay Tribute to Mayhew:

Mark Hamill took to Twitter and posted the following:


Harrison Ford had this to say:


George Lucas

“Peter was a wonderful man. He was the closest any human being could be to a Wookiee: big heart, gentle nature…and I learned to always let him win. He was a good friend and I’m saddened by his passing.”

Billy Dee Williams


For May the 4th I really hope, and expect the Star Wars family to remember him and his legacy.