Petunia Pickle Bottom Launches Pooh Line with Disney Baby!

This new line from Petunia Pickle Bottom featuring Pooh is a timeless classic that will bring back the pure joy of childhood.


The line will be available in the spacious Axis Backpack, the sleek and modern Meta Backpack, as well as my personal favorite the District Backpack and more. This whimsical and dreamy collection celebrates the endless fun of adventures of Winnie the Pooh and his friends.

“Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So, today is my new favorite day!” – Winnie the Pooh


Do you enjoy taking walks or exploring new places? Then this collection is perfect for you, pack your snacks and everything you will need because adventure is waiting for you! Playful Pooh is the perfect adventure companion and will be sure to bring happiness to anyone who is ready for a walk in the Hundred Acre Wood just make sure to bring lots of Hunny pots.

Petunia Pickle Bottom has perfectly created the Axis Backpack to include a little bit of everything you might need. This spacious bag along with your favorite childhood characters is the perfect pair for your sunny days ahead just make sure to pack the Hunny for pooh!

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Next up is the ultimate versatile bag, the Criss-Cross Sling. This bag will become your favorite picnic must have not to mention that it has lots of pockets and can fit just about anything you might need for your perfect day spent with friends.  

Click Here to Shop the Criss-Cross Sling Bag


The modern Meta Backpack is a fan favorite that gives you the perfect combination of childhood imagination and everyday style. 

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The Inter-Mix Grid Caddy is all smiles for the ultimate organization. This adorable plaid cube storage is picnic perfect. You will want to bring this everywhere you go just make sure to save room for Pooh’s Hunny Pots. 

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