Pixar EASTER EGGS Hidden in Google Street View of Toy Story Land

The next time you pull up Walt Disney World’s Toy Story Land on Google Maps, you may want to look a little closer. There are Easter Eggs hidden throughout the land in true Pixar fashion.

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The creative team at Disney worked with Pixar to identify eight unique Easter eggs that could be captured and uploaded to Google Street View.

The images were captured over the course of two mornings last summer.

When someone wants to see a first-person “street view” of what it’s like to walk around Toy Story Land, they can also search for some hidden Pixar references including the Pizza Planet Truck and Miguel’s guitar from Coco.

Check out some of these amazing Pixar Easter Eggs for yourself!

You can check these Pixar easter eggs and more out for yourself at the original article here.

[Source: Fox 5]