Power Outage at Disneyland’s California Adventure Park Closes Attractions

(Photo: Fox 11 News)

A power outage occurred earlier this evening at Disneyland’s California Adventure, reportedly due to a lightning strike.

Details are sparse, but according to Anaheim Public Utilities,  the weather caused a circuit to trip knocking out power for a few seconds at around 3:48 p.m. Pacific.

According to NBC Channel 4, Disneyland closed attractions per protocol during inclement weather.

Rain and lightning hitting Southern California on Wednesday forced closures to several outdoor rides at Disneyland, park officials said.

Newschopper4 Bravo was over the world famous amusement park at about 4:45 p.m. and struggled to find any outdoor rides functioning.

Officials said that it is regular protocol for some outdoor rides to go down due to weather.

In addition, park officials said Disney’s California Adventure experienced a power outage that also affected rides at the park neighboring Disneyland. Power had been restored to California Adventure, according to Disneyland media relations personnel.

[Source: Fox 11 News]