“Read the Room Disney:” Laid-Off Cast Members Call Out Disney for Gateway Announcement

Yesterday, Disney unveiled plans for the reimagining of the Walt Disney World’s iconic gateway into the most magical place on Earth. While many celebrated the image and future plans, there was a large group of people who were extremely upset by it- laid off cast members.

As Disney shared this wonderful news, thousands of cast members were receiving an email that they had been let go. Many took to social media to express their feelings of frustration and anger to their former employer.



One Twitter user wrote “At least I know why I lost my job,” pointing to the plan for the new gateway. We obviously don’t know Disney’s inner-financial workings, but I can understand why cast members feel this way. On a daily basis, their feelings and voices are being suppressed by stories like the one above. Of course, people want to hear good news, it’s only natural, but it’s important to remember that while we celebrate the happy things, there’s a whole other world of hurt happening with these cast members. And it’s important we acknowledge and validate how they feel.