Return to Pandora: ‘Avatar 2’ Starts Filming on September 25th

Disney World | Pandora the World of Avatar

While I never thought we’d be writing about James Cameron’s Avatar movies on a Disney blog, here we are.

Since the IP has been integrated into Walt Disney World, the franchise now has a direct impact on Disney.

And a franchise it is becoming, as the first sequel begins filming next week on Monday, September 25 according to Screenrant.

James Cameron will begin principal photography on Avatar 2 next Monday, September 25th, as was confirmed at the special Terminator event that was held in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, September 19th. Back in June, Cameron’s longtime coproducer and Lightstorm Entertainment head Jon Landau said that filming on the Avatar sequels (all four of them, back-to-back) would indeed begin in the last week of September of this year. The latest update on the project confirms that it is currently moving along right on-schedule, for the time being.

When Pandora – The World of Avatar was announced, some Disney purists sad it wasn’t a good fit for Animal Kingdom and that they were staking a lot of money on a film that didn’t have the staying power of a Star Wars or Harry Potter franchise.

However, it looks like Disney had the long game in mind, knowing that James Cameron was planning more films which would keep the property alive for years to come. In fact, it’s rumored that Disney even has plans for a third attraction in Pandora — one that may be based on one of the upcoming films.

Avatar is here to stay.

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