RUMOR – Is Brazil Coming to the Epcot World Showcase?

There have been recent rumors that Brazil (or possibly Spain) is the next country that will be added to the Epcot World Showcase in Walt Disney World.

But is this actually true?

The rumors of Brazil have been circulating for years, but have picked up momentum in recent months due to Epcot’s planned overhaul.

On the WDW Magic message board, “Disney insiders” seem divided over whether or not Brazil will be the next pavilion coming to Epcot.

WDW1974, a poster whose inside info is generally pretty reliable, states that Brazil would be a “big surprise” based on what they have heard. While another well-known insider states that Brazil is very close to being announced, and yet another insider posted pics of a (years old) proposal for the Brazil pavilion.

It’s interesting to note that images from this proposal include a gondola system.

Brazil is a very likely candidate given the number of South American tourists who visit Walt Disney World.

But if a Brazil pavilion happens, will it have a ride?

That’s another question that’s debatable. Some say the budgetary constraints means the pavilion would open without an attraction. But in 2017 Disney World guests expect rides, and it would probably be unwise for Disney to open a new pavilion (the first since Norway) without one.

Hopefully D23 will bring more answers as to the future of Epcot, though work in the World Showcase could be tabled until after Future World is overhauled.

[Source: WDW Magic]