RUMOR – Disney Cruise Line Acquiring Second Island in the Bahamas

With Disney announcing three new cruise ships, could they be looking at acquiring a second private island?

A Naussau newspaper has confirmed that Disney Cruise Lines has expressed interest in a property called Lighthouse Cay (which is now off the market.)

From Tribune 242…

DISNEY Cruise Lines does have an interest in furthering its investments in the Bahamas, according to the company’s spokeswoman, Kim Prunty, who yesterday responded to speculation and concern over the sale and development of Lighthouse Point, Eleuthera.

In a statement to The Tribune yesterday, Mrs Prunty confirmed the cruise line’s interest in the Bahamas, but did not name any specific site or property shortlisted for acquisition and development.

Disney Cruise Lines has recently been at the centre of speculation, with several sources on Eleuthera naming the company as the group behind the potential acquisition and development of the Lighthouse Point site.

Disney Cruise Line currently has a 99 year lease on Castaway Cay, which is still largely undeveloped.

Clearly, with three new ships on the way, Disney will have to expand its offerings. Stay tuned to The Kingdom Insider for more information on Disney’s possible plans for a second island as we hear them.

[Source: Tribune 242]