RUMOR – Josh Gad to Helm New ‘Muppets’ Series on Disney+

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Could the Muppets finally be returning with a brand new television series on Disney+? And is Josh Gad (Frozen, Beauty and the Beast) involved?

That’s the rumor, according to Slash Report. The rumor says that a show is in development that will see Gad and the duo behind Once Upon a Time (Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz) try to revive the beleaguered franchise once more.

What’s really curious is that it’s also rumored to be set in the 1980s.

Here’s the report…

A year ago when Disney unveiled their plan for a Netflix SVOD offer, they teased using all of their corporate synergies for content. Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm had projects being talked about heading to that platform. Since then, the studio has unveiled a lot of really cool miniseries for their streaming service.

The Muppets are coming to Disney +.

Josh Gad (Frozen) and the creative duo behind ONCE UPON A TIME Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz have created a show called MUPPETS LIVE ANOTHER DAY. The show takes place right after the events of 1984’s THE MUPPETS TAKE MANHATTAN.  Kermit disbands the gang but they are brought back together after the mysterious disappearance of Rowlf.

We should expect to see it released on Disney + in 2020.

So it’s a sequel to The Muppets Take Manhattan? Oh, that’s pretty interesting.

Whatever Disney has planned for the Muppets going forward, we can only hope that audiences receive it better than the ill-conceived “adult” series The Muppets.

[Source: Slash Report]