RUMOR – Walt Disney World to Charge for Parking at Resort Hotels?

Is Disney going to start charging guests staying on property for overnight parking? That’s the rumor going around, and it’s oddly specific with rollout dates and rates.

According to sources, the overnight parking charges go into effect on March 21 and will see Value resorts charging $13/night, Moderates charging $19/night and Deluxe resorts charging $25/night.

The rumor also states states that DVC members will not be charged for parking when staying at their Deluxe villas, and that valet parking will increase from $25 to $33.

We first talked about this rumor last year, and it was met with a less than enthusiastic response. While its true that many other Orlando hotels charge for parking and resort fees, part of the allure of staying on Disney property was the free parking. Given that Disney hotels generally cost more than their off property counterparts, readers felt that the complimentary parking helped justify the expense.

There has been no official confirmation from Disney yet, but stay tuned to The Kingdom Insider for more information as we hear it.

[Source: Chip and Co.]