Incredible Savings On Disney Institute Online LIVE Courses!

Disney Institute is offering killer savings right now for their online LIVE courses!

Professionals can take part in this Spring Savings Event until May 31 with the special price of $299* per person, per course. That is a savings of up to 40% off the standard price—on all Disney Institute Online Live Courses through September 2021. Just enter the promo code SPRING at the time of registration

These Disney Institute training courses are included in the Spring Savings Event:

Online Live Disney’s Approach to Quality Service

“Learn to think differently and act intentionally when it comes to your customer experience! “

Available Course Dates:
May 13, 25
June 4, 14, 24
July 9, 21
August 2, 11, 19, 31
September 29

Online Live Disney’s Approach to Employee Engagement

“Learn the key to creating a thriving and productive workplace culture, and gain valuable skills to keep your team motivated and engaged.“
Available Course Dates: 
May 18
June 21
July 27
August 16
September 23

Online Live Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence

”Be inspired and equipped with powerful knowledge to create your own effective leadership practices.” 

Available Course Dates: 
May 11, 26
June 7, 18, 30
July 13, 22
August 4, 13, 24

September 2, 27

*Offer applies to all upcoming Online Live Courses on the Course Calendar through September 2021. Registration and payment for these courses must be completed by May 31, 2021. Spring Savings Event price of $299 represents a savings of 40% off the standard rate of $499 per person, per course. Available for individual-enrollment only. Group registration/group discounts are not available. Offer is not retroactive (cannot be applied to past courses) and cannot be combined with other discounts or offers.


To learn more about what these classes entail, go to Disney Institute’s Official Website HERE.

Source: Disney Institute