Shanghai Disneyland Cast Members Testing Social Distancing Protocols in Theaters

Fox News

Last week we reported that Shanghai Disneyland was testing a new health screening for guests to enter the parks. We have more news from Shanghai regarding testing and safety protocols.

On twitter today, it was confirmed by twitter user @gourmetdyy, that Shanghai Disneyland is speeding up internal testing due to the fact schools will be reopening soon. Cast Members at the park were testing out social distancing guidelines in the theater, sitting every other row. The Twitter user added each group would be separated by a few seats in between.

Twitter user: @gourmetdyy

Most schools are scheduled to being on April 27th in Shanghai. As it stands, Shanghai Disneyland remains partially closed. As part of a “phased reopening,” Shanghai’s park opened a limited number of shopping, dining and, recreational experiences are open at Disneytown, Wishing Star Park and Shanghai Disney Hotel.

I think a phased reopening is a great idea, and I hope Disneyland and Walt Disney World take a page from Shanghai Disneyland’s book.