‘Song of the South’ Will Likely Not Be Coming To Disney+

Recently Bob Iger announced that the complete Disney library would be available on the upcoming Disney+ stream service. It seems that doesn’t actually mean all of Disney’s movies from the past will be accessible.

According to BoardwalkTimes.net, they have reason to believe that the Song of the South film would not be available on the new streaming service after all. Previously we posted an article speculating that perhaps we would finally get it back, but that seems to be a no-go.

There are a lot of individuals who would like to have the movie brought back. It’s the inspiration for the popular Disney attraction Splash Mountain, but due to the complaints about racism, especially in it’s portrayal of the “plantation system,” it has been vaulted for many years. I remember watching it as a child back in the 80’s once and then I never saw it again.

It is a bit of a shame as James Baskett won an Academy Award for his portrayal of Uncle Remus– the first African-American male performer to win an Academy Award. As such, the film does have an important historic value, but it is a sensitive subject for many. It looks like, for now, it will remain vaulted.

Song of the South will not be the only thing cut from Disney+. Apparently the Jim Crow scene in Dumbo will also be removed. This is the scene with the crows where they give Dumbo a feather. It’s considered problematic as the lead crow is named Jim Crow. This is important as it’s a reference to the laws that supported segregation until the mid 1960’s.

The new Disney+ Streaming service is set to begin on November 12. It will feature many Disney shows, films, and new projects, but it might not contain “All” as was previously indicated.

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Source: Boardwalktimes.net