State Legislators Visit Disneyland in an Ongoing Effort to Reopen California’s Theme Parks

Disneyland has promised to not stop working until they reopen, and it looks like they’re keeping their word.

Sharon Quirk Silva, Assemblywoman of the 65th Assembly District representing Buena Park, Cypress, Fullerton, Stanton, La Palma, and West Anaheim, has long been an a supporter of Disneyland reopening. Just the other day, she tweeted that she will continue to work with the Governor but used the hashtag, #ReopenOCNow.

Yesterday, Disney officials and state legislators toured Disneyland Resort. Sharon Quirk-Silva, was one of them and shared this picture on her took to Twitter:

Sharon Quirk Silva has also wrote to Newsom arguing that the continued closure of amusement parks contradicts the guidelines for the reopening of other businesses. She said in her letter, “Many indoor facilities are already operating safely at reduced capacities, with face covering and physical distancing requirements, and with heightened hygiene practices. Logic would suggest that since theme parks are controlled venues operating predominantly outdoors, that they too could reopen with similar health and safety protocols.” 

Yesterday, @californiadisneyfam, also posted the below video on their Instagram. It’s of Silva being interviewed outside the gates of Disneyland.

From the looks of it, Disneyland is not accepting Governor Newsom’s new guidelines and are doing everything they can to reopen as responsibly and soon as possible.